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Our goal as a district is to personalize learning for our students. iStudyforSuccess allows teachers to focus on specific study or SEL skills based on what students bring to the classroom and on their individual needs. The lesson plans are easy to follow and the videos and activities are highly engaging. What we love about the program is how easy it is to individualize for students or small groups. The format of the program helps teachers to plan engaging instruction and the resources are very well organized!
– M. Hoffman, Ed. D, Assistant Superintendent, CCSD 93

Forsyth County is excited to take business and industry feedback around Soft Skills/Study Skills and start that conversation as early as the middle school level with our teachers. We are currently integrating and using the program for both study skills courses and our CTAE business and computer science classrooms. Our teachers like the ease of access and appropriate-aged content which is easy for students to understand.
– Dr. Valery L. Lowe, College & Career Development Director, Forsyth County, GA

Last year, the Arkansas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired (ASBVI) was looking for a study skills/social skills program for our middle school students. We needed a program that will help our students get ready for the rigors of middle school/high school as well as address social skills which is a component of our Expanded Core Curriculum (ECC). We also needed a program that would be inexpensive and easily adaptable to Braille and large print. We found the program we were looking for in iStudyforSuccess. The student information is in PDF form so it was easy to adapt to Braille and large print. The program also includes YouTube videos that both our large print and braille students enjoy. Our students have had the opportunity to make their own tests using the free websites Qwizzy’s World and Cram Stoppers. We are beginning our second year using the iStudyforSuccess program at ASBVI and it has become part of our 7th grade curriculum.
– Michele Smith, ASBVI

Throughout the last year and a half, utilizing iStudyforSuccess, I have greatly valued having the descriptive lesson plans, associated talking points, brief and concisely stated recommended activities, and associated videos made available to me. I appreciate how these relevant videos have passed a filter for appropriate usage and have correlations to an established lesson plan. This user-friendly program engages the interest of my students when I play the videos; I love to hear them laugh as they view familiar characters revealing a salient point connected to my lessons. It’s exciting to see the learning in disguise through humor with gentle and friendly delivery of pertinent topics such as teamwork, etiquette, trustworthiness, responsibility, etc. These timeless and universal ethical values can be boring to students, however, iStudyforSuccess has established a manner in which to provide instruction and allow fun learning for our young citizens. Thanks iStudyforSuccess for creating an effective method and delivery of product and service that can ensure a smile from both student and teacher.
– R. Perry, Teacher, Dublin, VA

The students and I really enjoy the program. The lessons are easy to teach and are fun for the students. We especially enjoy the cartoon talking points, the brain yoga, and some of the YouTube videos. Students were able to learn how to be better organized, manage their time wisely, and apply the lessons learned to both school and home. Students were also able to improve their study habits, organize their lockers, binders, and even their bedrooms at home to make assignments and other items easily accessible. The vocabulary lessons served as a reinforcement for ELA. The weekly planner offered in Lesson 2 was incorporated as as weekly assignment. We started the second half of the program (Soft Skills) with a bang. The section on greeting was awesome. I used real life scenarios where students acted out greeting prompts pretending to meet people for the first time. We discussed what is an appropriate greeting and the significance of eye contact when greeting someone. We also talked about how to break the ice when you are around others you don’t know and how to introduce yourself to those you want to know. The iStudyforSuccess Program is great. We learned a lot about one another and because of that, we were able to bond as a family.
– B. Pollard, Teacher, Detroit, MI

After we purchased iStudyforSuccess, it became an instant hit! Teachers were excited to have so much of the work already done for them and the program was spot-on. It has added so much to our lessons. We plan to use iStudyforSuccess for years to come.
– A. Joyce, Principal, Dublin, VA

Toyon Middle School began an Applied Study Skills elective in 2015/16. We have found the iStudyforSuccess program to provide students with strategies for organization, time management, and pretty important life skills that our students can certainly use and apply through school and hopefully into their everyday lives. The lessons are well supported with worksheets and videos that spark conversation among students. I am looking forward to the program continuing at our school.
– Toyon Middle School, Valley Springs, CA

This Soft Skills Program is very needed in schools and fills a needed gap in this area. It is very easy to teach.
– S. Neal, Teacher, Estell Springs, TN

Rogers Middle School began the implementation of the iStudyforSuccess program in the Fall of 2015. Middle school students need all the help they can get to become organized, manage their time, and use good manners. iStudyforSuccess has provided our teachers with lessons where they can directly teach students these skills. Our school agreed to school-wide implementation and it was integrated into our master schedule. Because of this school-wide implementation, the ability to support staff and students in adopting the program has been a huge success!
– Rosalinda Barajas, Assistant Principal, Lawndale, CA

Last year, iStudyforSuccess saved my life! My school had recently added a Study Skills elective class and I was the assigned teacher; I didn’t know where to begin. I researched various programs all summer and thought I had found the right one until I saw the price! My search continued and I came across iStudyforSuccess. It had all the components of the other program, plus a few more, and the price was great! I loved it, my principal loved it, and my students loved it! Thanks to your program, I was able to make Study Skills one of the best elective classes ever. No fluff…true learning! Thank you!
– Stacey Humes, Discovery Middle School Teacher

iStudyforSuccess truly sets students up for success! This is a hands-on program which offers students the opportunity to learn and work with numerous study skills and strategies in an engaging and authentic manner. Both my students and I enjoyed the lessons! Each session in this program is very thorough while it appeals to different types of learners and can be applied to all subject areas. From note taking to inference making, iStudyforSuccess prepares teachers to teach students how to learn and study effectively and efficiently. I found my students’ confidence soar as they gained the knowledge required to be successful. All students should have this learning opportunity which will last a lifetime!
– Sarah Whitfield, Middle School Teacher

As an educator, I appreciate all the hard work that has obviously gone into the creative lessons found on I also value the fact that the lesson plans, handouts, activities, and videos are easy to access and ready to go! My students appreciate the humor in the cartoons and videos provided for each lesson as they learn important skills to help them become more successful learners. Best of all, teachers can use the entire program, hand-pick lessons that are most applicable for their students or use selected lessons as a supplemental program. I highly recommend this resource-rich tool for your busy classroom!
– Teresa Cockerham, Teacher, South Forsyth Middle School

It has been a privilege and a pleasure working with Julie Wilson and her iStudyforSuccess study skills program at Piney Grove Middle School. This is the first time I have ever seen middle school students so excited about taking a study skills class! For many, their enthusiasm for this study skills Connections class carried over to their core academic classes as they learned to apply the strategies they had been taught in a variety of subjects and settings. This was definitely what we had hoped to see! Research shows that in addition to academic achievement, an 8th grader’s study skills also predict college readiness, access and success; that academic discipline has proven to be the strongest predictor of college access and success. This program is definitely “a keeper” for us, and we plan on expanding it to another grade level this coming year, with our end goal of arming all of our middle schoolers with a plethora of study skills that they can use in a variety of classes throughout their middle school years and carry on to high school and the next level in order to be prepared to be successful at those levels too. This study skills program is just what we have been looking for, and after a year of piloting it with our students, we now feel that we have something that is substantial and “on target” for helping to prepare our students for success in any and all of their classes . . . in middle school and beyond!
– Terri A. North, Principal, Forsyth County Schools, Cumming, GA

The iStudyforSuccess program has helped me change my way of learning and taking in information. I learned that studying isn’t that hard. All you have to do is make it a little fun. And the perfect way to do that is to use I also learned how I learn best and that I am a visual learner. I would definitely recommend this program to another student because it taught me how to take things slowly and get more information out of what is given. I loved this program. I learned how to stay organized and keep my locker clean. Also, I learned how to stay on top of things. I used these helpful strategies in all of my classes and had a great use of them. This program helped a lot with my academic life. I made the merit roll both semesters and I think that iStudy for Success is part of the reason.
– Conan, 6th grader

Children do not naturally know how to study. This program gave my son, Conan, the tools to understand how he learns best and how to study. He had so much fun learning about himself. More importantly, he now knows many proven note-taking techniques and study skills to improve his learning. This program helped him make better use of his time by being more organized. I saw a definite improvement in his confidence as the school year progressed because I could tell he was keeping up with each class on his own. As his confidence grew, so did his independence. This translates into valuable skills that will help him successfully navigate through middle school, high school and college.
– Sharyn, Mother of Conan (6th grader)

I will never forget Cornell Note Taking, it was very useful when studying. My favorite strategy was chunking, since it helped me read more fluently and comprehend and understand books better. This class teaches valuable lessons for use in the future.
– Madelyn, Middle School Student

The study skills experience really showed me how I can have fun and work efficiently. My favorite strategy was Cornell Note Taking. I liked it because you can easily look back and study your material anytime you want. I have already used this in Science! I believe this is an amazing program and kids nationwide should take it to prepare for school.
– Kevin, Middle School Student

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