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What products do you offer?

The iStudyforSuccess Program offers two different courses. The first is a 25-Session, Study Skills Course, utilizing a step-by-step approach to help students increase their reading comprehension skills and develop valuable study and organizational habits. The second is a Social/Soft Skills Course introducing 28 character building mini-sessions, helping to facilitate positive interaction and communication with others. Also, when signing up for a license, members can request a Q & A Webinar with Julie Wilson, author of iStudyforSuccess.

Is this program research based?

Piloted in an actual middle school setting, the Study Skills sessions have been perfected for in-class or homeschool use and are ideal for preparing and empowering students with essential study skill strategies for use from middle school to high school and college! Many of the Social/Soft Skills were also piloted and were designed in the same manner as the original 25 Study Skills sessions.

What is included in the iStudyforSuccess Program?

Both the STUDY SKILLS AND the SOCIAL/SOFT SKILLS Sessions are a part of the program.
One license is $195.00 and expires July 1st of the year following your purchase. (Ex. Buy in August of 2014, the license expires July 1, 2015.) One license can be used by one teacher – if wanting multiple teachers to use the program, multiple licenses must be purchased. The program can be paid for online or by notifying JulieWilson@iStudyforSuccess.com to receive an invoice for purchase with school or county monies. If considering buying 10 or more licenses, please notify us.

Do you offer any SAT/ACT or other standardized test preparation in your program?

Our program itself does not, but our affiliate www.CramStoppers.com offers FREE access to its ACT/ SAT vocabulary and testing preparation sections. The K-7th grade study site www.QwizzysWorld.com also offers a VOCAB prep section which helps students expand their vocabulary and prepare them for upper grade demands.

Can I see a sample of an iStudyforSuccess Session?

Yes! Simply visit the Program Overview Page and Sample Sessions of both courses are available, as are the Table Of Contents for both.

What types of students can benefit from your program?

Any type! iStudyforSuccess has been shown to benefit all students, helping them to be more efficient with reading strategies, study skills, and organization. The character-building sessions help to facilitate positive interaction and communication with others. Both programs prepare students for long-term success both educationally and personally!

Is training required?

No, that’s the beauty of the program. Since it was developed in a classroom setting, the step-by-step approach offers educators the ability to move through the program with ease. Of course, the webinar included in the initial sign-up can answer any questions you may have after reviewing the sessions, but both courses are intended to be very straightforward.

How long does the iStudyforSuccess Program typically take to cover?

This can only be answered by the educator. The Study Skills Program was built as a nine-week program. If it is being used as a “Connections” or “Semester” class, many times these class hours are interrupted by school events. With good planning, all sessions can be covered, including special tech days for quiz creation! Homeschool educators may cover the material in a much quicker fashion – again, depending on the number of students being taught. If the Program is being integrated into a “core” class, in counseling departments or media centers, or in after-school programs, the material will be taught at the discretion of the teacher.
The Social/Soft Skills Program shows the time allotted for each session. It too can be a class or it can be used as a supplement by counselors or core classroom teachers.

You mentioned special tech days for quiz creation. How often should those be scheduled?

The teacher or parent can determine how often tech days should be scheduled. It will vary depending on whether the student is in the classroom or in a homeschool setting. Regardless, students will greatly benefit from learning the art of quiz creation and will have the advantage of being more prepared and confident when it comes to test day. If it is possible to work as a small study group, students can gain different perspectives on creating more challenging quiz questions, and can experience the time saving factor when using the “buddyshare” feature. Learning to study using this quiz creation technique will benefit students during any stage of their education!

Do I use the Program for just a Study Skills Class or can the material be integrated into other classes I teach?

Great Question! It’s perfect as a nine-week Study Skills class, but can also be integrated into a core course – Language Arts for example. It was designed for ease of use…it’s really up to you to decide how best to introduce it in the classroom or homeschool setting.
The Social/Soft Skills program is a part of the license and can be utilized as a stand-alone class, or used to supplement other current material in core courses or while teaching the Study Skills class.
The license to the program allows for only ONE user at a time; therefore, if others wish to teach the Program, they must purchase their own license. The program was set at a very reasonable price, keeping educators’ budgets in mind, making it possible for multiple teachers to obtain a license within one school setting.

If I forget or wish to change my PASSWORD, how do I do that?

If you FORGOT IT, click on the “forgot password” in the upper right corner. You’ll enter your Email or Username and an email with be sent to your email address. Click on the link and you will then receive a temporary password.  Login with this, then go to the top right hand corner of any page and click on the MY PROFILE link.  Here you can create your own PERSONAL password.
If you know your password and simply wish to CHANGE IT, go to the My Profile section when logged in and update it there.

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Is customer service and support available?

Yes. We are committed to providing friendly and efficient service and will answer all your questions or technical issues, making the iStudyforSuccess experience a great one for you and your students! Simply click on the CONTACT US link for more information.

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