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LISTENING…a lost art?

When I met my husband 22 years ago, we would often take long walks after work and talk about friends, favorites, business deals, actually – just about everything.  I remember being so taken with how incredibly good I would feel after those walks. ... (more...)


With college acceptances now more challenging to earn, it’s probably wise to investigate the best study practices available, and more importantly, how to learn and retain information!  The University of Iowa has these great tips…  Read More →

Music Helps Memory!

Coming from a musical background, LOVED this article!   Using songs and rhymes can help students (and adults!) remember lots of different types of information.  My daughter was part of a special Math Sing-Along group in 7th grade – they traveled... (more...)

Go Social Studies Go!

Go Social Studies Go!, a history resource site that went live in July 2011, is bursting at the seams with history/social studies content, including engaging videos, colorful photos, and links that bring history to life.  After 10+ years of searching... (more...)

Relating makes us smarter

In an issue of The Brilliant Report, written by Anne Murphy Paul, she explores how relationships with other people can evoke our intelligence!   She cites how students enlisted to tutor others work harder to understand the material, recall it more... (more...)

Empowering Students…Unlocking Potential!

Welcome to iStudyforSuccess – I am Julie Wilson, Founder, wife, and mother of two teenagers! As my kids have grown through their middle and high school years, I have had my eyes opened to their study skills habits (or lack thereof!) inspiring me to... (more...)

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