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Licenses purchased now valid until July 1, 2022!

Welcome South Dakota – now teaching iStudyforSuccess in 39 States!  Read More →

38 States and Counting!

Welcome Connecticut – now empowering students with Study and Social/Soft Skills in 38 States!  Read More →

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Celebrate Valentine’s Day by telling a teacher you appreciate them, a friend that you care about them, a family member that you are thinking of them, and all those special to you that they are loved!  Remember how good it feels to make others feel... (more...)

Thank you to all our iStudyforSuccess Educators!  Read More →


To all the educators who are sharing our Study and Social/Soft Skills with your students – Thank You!  We hope you have a Fabulous 2018!  Here’s one of our favorite quotes by Mother Teresa of Calcutta: “We ourselves feel that what... (more...)

4R Youth Foundation donates to Make-A-Wish® Foundation, Cure Childhood Cancer© and the Rally Foundation!

In September and October, iStudyforSuccess supported Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, by collecting 10% of all September and October proceeds from Study & Social/Soft Skills license renewals and new enrollments.  Our 4R Youth Foundation is excited... (more...)

Purchase or Renew in Sept./Oct. and 10% of our Proceeds Supports Childhood Cancer Research!

In support of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, iStudyforSuccess will donate 10% of all September and October proceeds from Study & Social/Soft Skills license renewals and new enrollments to the Make-A-Wish Foundation or Cure Childhood Cancer.  More... (more...)

Words of Wisdom

Welcome back Teachers!  We are excited to have you all on board for the 2016/17 school year – Empowering your students with Study and Social/Soft Skills.  Here are some words of wisdom that we just had to share: Live in such a way that you would... (more...)

Happy National Teacher Day!

National Teacher Day is the perfect time to honor ALL teachers – KUDOS to those working to improve students’ Study and Social Skills – we appreciate your efforts to empower students both educationally and personally!  Read More →

Are you Grateful?

In one of our Social/Soft Skill Sessions, we talk about the power of being positive and grateful.  Here’s a bit of research we share with the students in our program – we thought everyone would find it interesting! Jeffrey Froh, PsyD, an... (more...)

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