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STRESSED? Reach for some hot dark cocoa!

Is this harsh winter weather we are having stressing you out?  If so, grab that cup of DARK COCOA!  Come to find out, it won’t just warm you up, but it might just take the edge off.

At Swinburne University of Technology in Australia, in a recent experiment conducted, it was found that stressed-out people who drank a hot dark cocoa every day felt significantly calmer and happier after one month.  The study authors have shared that the antioxidants in dark chocolate target the same anxiety-activating brain receptors that some anxiety prescription drugs do.  Another study in the journal Neurology showed that drinking two cups of rich dark cocoa daily also prevented memory and thinking skills from deteriorating over time!

So the next time you get chilled, consider sharpening your memory and brightening your mood with a cup of hot dark cocoa!



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