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Midterms are here!

If you are feeling the stress of midterms or have kids who are, check out www.CramStoppers.com for 8th grade – College students and www.QwizzysWorld.com for students up to 7th grade.  The sites are FREE, and once quizzes are created, the site allows for repeated randomized practice quizzing.  Students can instantly see where they stand and consolidate their quizzes down to just those questions challenging them.  Visit the GET STARTED section of the sites to begin the quiz making process, watch the DEMO or visit the Knowledge Nook & Community Library to see how others are studying.  Cool features include Buddysharing (studying with friends!), ACT/SAT Prep, Just Keep Writing, and the Ultimate Quiz (combining past quizzes into one large mid-term or final cumulative test!)  Empower yourself or your kids – experience the POWER of PREPARATION!  Good luck on midterms!



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