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Go Social Studies Go!

Go Social Studies Go!, a history resource site that went live in July 2011, is bursting at the seams with history/social studies content, including engaging videos, colorful photos, and links that bring history to life.  After 10+ years of searching for comprehensive history materials and not finding what he needed, Ken Uhde, a tenured history teacher in Birmingham, Michigan, created www.GoSocialStudiesGo.com!  “A teacher’s biggest challenge is getting kids to engage and truly learn the material, and when it comes to history, textbooks either only touch on a topic or bore students because they are content heavy,” says Uhde.


When visiting the site, users can also link directly to Qwizzy’s World or Cram Stoppers to create original tests or take the ones created about the history material.  Let the learning begin!


www.GoSocialStudiesGo.com    www.QwizzysWorld.com    www.CramStoppers.com



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