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Do your past high school experiences still affect you today?

This article was rather thought-provoking as it raised the question…”Do your days in high school continue to affect you today?”  Well, do they?  As you read the article, think back to that page in your yearbook – you know the one that predicted the “Most Likely to Succeed,” the “Most Athletic,” the “Cutest Couple,” which in my case they actually ended up married and still are – and we graduated in 1982! 

These are the comments I personally found most interesting…especially as a Mom of high school aged children:

“Our work shows that popularity isn’t all that important,” says McElhaney. “The key is finding a group of people with whom you can feel at ease being yourself.”

“The most striking result,” they said, was how little they were able to predict about people’s adult lives from characteristics measured in adolescence. At least 75% of the variation seen among people in middle age couldn’t be foretold from what they were like in high school—meaning, they wrote, that “there is plenty of opportunity for individuals to rise above or fall below the level to which their endowments and environment might direct them.”

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