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Are you Grateful?

In one of our Social/Soft Skill Sessions, we talk about the power of being positive and grateful.  Here’s a bit of research we share with the students in our program – we thought everyone would find it interesting!

Jeffrey Froh, PsyD, an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Hofstra University in New York, conducted a very cool research study on gratitude with kids. He asked one group of middle school students to list up to five things they were grateful for every day for two weeks, while a second group recorded daily hassles and a third only completed a survey. According to Professor Froh, “The gratitude group experienced a jump in optimism and overall well-being.”

Did you know that listing things you are thankful for before you go to sleep can help you sleep better?

Specifically, researchers found that when people spent 15 minutes jotting down what they’re grateful for in a journal before bedtime, they fell asleep faster and stayed asleep longer, Psychology Today reported!



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