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Julie Wilson currently resides in Cumming, Georgia, and has lived in the Atlanta area for 30+ years. She was born and raised in Charlotte, Michigan, and earned her BA degree in Psychology and Political Science in 1986 from Michigan State University. Prior to relocating to the South in 1987, Julie traveled the state of Michigan working as an Educational Consultant and Promoter for higher education and trained graduating high school seniors in college preparedness.

After moving to the Atlanta area, Julie worked for 10 years in marketing research, specializing in qualitative research and focus groups. In 2007, with the support of her husband, Denny, and their two school-aged children, Julie took her creative thoughts about an educational product from paper to the web! Over the next six years, she produced online quiz creation study sites based on her vision of enabling students to be more successful in school and to help them master anxiety-free test taking. They include:

After her son (a high school junior at the time) took a course to improve his reading and comprehension skills in preparation for the ACT/SAT, Julie discovered that what he had learned in a short study skills session could be a long-term answer for many middle school students. She initiated a proof of concept by partnering with a well-respected administrator in a middle school, and then proceeded to build out and pilot her program as a nine-week “Connections Class” in the 2012/2013 school year. The feedback from faculty, students, and parents was so positive that she released the 25 Session Program, iStudyforSuccess, for use by public schools, private schools, tutoring facilities, and homeschool settings.

Watching how much impact social media, the internet, and technology has on students’ lives, Julie then took the program one step further, adding 28 sessions relating to Social and Soft Skills. Soft Skills are those personal traits that show a presence of good ethics, social grace, and moral compass, defining a person’s character. Topics such as Respect, GRIT, Trustworthiness, Timeliness, Accountability, and more are now an integral part of the iStudyforSuccess Program.

The Study Skills and Social/Soft Skills Sessions are great resources for all educators, whether in the classroom or in a homeschool setting. Julie is supported by a terrific research staff and is excited about expanding nationwide. Personally, she enjoys traveling with her family, boating, bowling, golfing, and playing cards – Euchre and Bridge are her favorites!

To arrange a Founder visit, email JulieWilson@iStudyforSuccess.com for pricing.

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